19 The .gitignore file

Bioconductor requires a Git repository for submission.

There are certain system files that should not be tracked by the repository and are unacceptable to include. These files can remain on a local system but should be excluded from the Git repository which is possible by including a .gitignore file.

The following are files that are checked by BiocCheck and flagged as unacceptable:

hidden_file_ext = c(
    ".renviron", ".rprofile", ".rproj", ".rproj.user", ".rhistory",
    ".rapp.history", ".o", ".sl", ".so", ".dylib", ".a", ".dll",
    ".def", ".ds_store", "unsrturl.bst", ".log", ".aux", ".backups",
    ".cproject", ".directory", ".dropbox", ".exrc", ".gdb.history",
    ".gitattributes", ".gitmodules", ".hgtags", ".project", ".seed",
    ".settings", ".tm_properties"

There should only be one .gitignore file in the top level of a package directory.